Winteridol Russian Blues

CFA Registered · Breeding Russian Blue exclusively



Shanghai has the 1st show this month. I think it’s the 1st time for Cassey see snow. She likes it!


She loves me taking pictures for her


Cassey with her good friend Zetoile have the sunbath

Long time update

In the end of year we welcome 2 new members GC Tylona Casmira of Winteridol (Cassey) and Velva One Pure Jam of Winteridol (Jam).
My sincerely thanks to Barbara,Tim, Diana!

GC Tylona Casmira of Winteridol
Breeder: Barbara-Tim Schreck
Owner: Kris Ning

1st night Cassey spend with me in Portland

I don’t have professional pic for Jam yet. He is very friendly sweet boy with beautiful coat and big eyes.

Winteridol Cherie Amour of Tsar Blu now living in her grandma’s home in San Francisco, CA. She is very far from me .. but l hear she is very happy and has pretty babies in Donna’s home, l’m very happy for them

Winteridol Cherie Amour of Tsar Blu
Breeder: Kris Ning
Owner: Donna Fuller&Kris Ning

We have 3 new grand too. They are GP Winteridol Theodora, GC Winteridol Chanson D’amour of Kittistar and GP Winteridol Gawain
I am appreciate the owners take care of them and show them so nicely.

GP Winteridol Gawain

GP Winteridol Theodora

GC Winteridol Chanson D’amour of Kittiestar

Wish you all Happy New Year!

Lucky Strike


One of our new kitten 'Lucky Strike'
Lucky is son of Roku and MiMi, he has sweet face and same very straight profile as his father. And moderated triangle head type.
He is very very sweet boy!

20170722113614d9 .jpg

Winteridol Lucky Strike
Sire: GC Winteridol Roku
Dam: GC Wynterwynd Do-Re-Mi of Winteridol

Chanson at Changsha show


Winteridol Chanson D'amour of Kittiestar made all 8 finals and 2 times Best Kitten in CFA Changsha show.
Thanks to Amy and Renee showing our sweet boy

Chanson at new home


Winteridol Chanson D'Amour of Kittiestar

I got Chanson's new pic from his new family Amy and Renee. He looks so cute and very happy boy.
Can't wait to see him in 1 month. Miss you my sweet boy