Winteridol Russian Blues



Winteridol Chanson D'amour of Kittiestar 1/1

Chanson at Changsha show

Winteridol Chanson D'amour of Kittiestar made all 8 finals and 2 times Best Kitten in CFA Changsha show.Thanks to Amy and Renee showing our sweet boy...

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Chanson at new home

Winteridol Chanson D'Amour of KittiestarI got Chanson's new pic from his new family Amy and Renee. He looks so cute and very happy boy.Can't wait to see him in 1 month. Miss you my sweet boy...

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Chanson 1st show

Winteridol Chanson D'amour of Kittiestar4 mons old, Made all 6 finals in his debut show,and the Highest Scoring Kitten in show!!Thanks everyone...

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